Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glitter makes everything better!

New shoes....unbelievable buy...equals= LOVE!
These shoes have been on display since they walked into my life Sunday morning...sigh!

That's right......I mean, isn't everything better in a glitter color?
These shoes are not made for walking, anywhere...but they are an amazing sight to behold.
Well, I guess I can walk in them for a short distance...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When a Plan comes together.

Meanwhile...back at The Shoeman's house....

Your favorite Rockstar "Paintergrrl" finally got to pimp out the Diningroom in this pad.

Here's what it looked like when we walked in.

Not good, right? The chandelier was verdigris green, and there was a dreadful wallpaper border (which should be illegal) around the room.

We decided that the room, right off the main foyer, needed some pattern to really rock.
A quick base coat of "Satchel", appropro for The Shoeman's crib.

Then your loyal Warrior Princess worked her magic. An all-over stencil pattern of "Iron Gate". Yes...it's true, that is all paint. (Even The Fabulous Wallpaper-Hanger was impressed...* More about him later...) Everyone was thrilled!

Wow! THat was FUN!!! Thanks to my little Paintergrrl who assisted...ayou know who you are! <3

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Houseboat Project.

Day One of Houseboat S.S. "Charisma"....nee. "Queen of Hearts" renovation.
This is the Houseboat bequeathed to me by The Pirate of Centerport. This fine vessel is hard aground...from the late 60's, and in dire need of a gentle, helpful Rockstar hand.
The Bridge, as it is today, May 1, 2011...

I quickly set up command central on the Fore Deck...handbag, Mother's old cushions, blackberry, and trusty iced tea.

I immediately made the Pirate move the creepy mannequin out of the head...

Then I attacked all the closetes and drawers, moved furniture, and tossed a lot of gross stuff...the view down into the livingroom...

Wondering about how this this 32' ship stays afloat? This is the "cradle of the sea" for my Miss Charisma....*jazzhands**

Wall colors have been chosen, windows have been measured...a meeting took place about how to proceed with certain repairs, and cleaning issues...Over all, a brilliant day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lillian Dodson...kind of a big deal around here.

Your Humble Rockstar Framer is truly honored that Lil would even consider showing in my little gallery...truly. But she didn't even have to consider when I got the courage to bring a show, here at Ripe, up to her. Lil is amazing...aka. Dame Billian. I won't disclose her true age here, but this sister is rockin' it! Lil is the real deal...she's a well-respected artist from right here in Huntington. Married to Stanley Twardowicz...collected by museums...faculty at Hofstra U...kind of a big deal!

This piece, "StickUp" is dated 1970. It looks amazing here...

And this piece, "January", is from 1/2011. Loose and free...very moody...feels like this January to me.

Lil's friends braved a rainy day to come hang out here at Ripe...chairs and all...
That's Mary the Painter,...very well known in this area...and Linda the Potter...from Huntington.

And here are Jeanne the Art League, (big deal...) and Norm the Jeweler, and his sweet Swedish wife. These people are all important in the art education scene here on LI.

So lucky to have a "Grande Dame" like Lil in my life, who brings amazing insight, humor, and understanding to this thing we can "The Art World".

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Circus is leaving town...

Well...I guess it's time to talk about it...Ripe also helps people paint and decorate their home...
we call it "Feathering the Nest"...

Together, with my fearless PainterGrrls, Ripe transforms spaces into amazing living environments. What we're looking at today is the home of The Shoeman. We transformed everything that was white (which was everything...) into a cool, sophisticated home for a pimpin' Shoeman.

We had great furniture to work around...and a blank slate. The whole job encompassed a cathedral living room/foyer,...dining room, stairwell,...

hallway, and master bedroom. We'll be continuing Rockstar style with an awesome accent wall in the dining room...

and a funky finish in a powder room...
See...This is how Ripe Art got started. Your Loyal Warrior Princess was a Paintergrrl herself. Walking around in painter's whites, hanging around Aboff's, doing awesome faux finishes in people's homes, and living in the circus...That's what I call spending time on contraptions called scaffolding and ladders...
Such dangerous work also, realistically, has a shelf life. And I had given myself (optimistically) until 45 to be climbing scaffolding...Luckly, the business has gotten me off the tightrope a few years early, and the universe brought me an amazing company of Paintergrrls to boss around...just kidding girls!...

This hasn't been an easy job, and those sweet monkey girls have been in this home for three, 3!... weeks! They ROCKED it out,..and now your Loyal Rockstar Framer is going back in solo to lux this sweet crib out. This is a house I painted in when I first started about 7 years ago...I did the family room/kitchen and the kid's rooms all fauxed out.

So this will be a cool showcase of what I can do with color and pattern. We might even have a hand in the master bath renovation!
Will keep you posted with some finished pix soon. xoxo!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ethel Camhi- Brown

Ethel Camhi-Brown...

is my friend. She's 83 this year. And she's hilarious.
But she had a stroke this past weekend, and is in the hospital.
Her son called me to let me know...apparently I'm on the list...
He said she loves me. Which caught me up. Because I love Ethel too.
She's one of the oldest friends I've ever had. I literally do anything for Ethel.
I come to her house to pick up and deliver framing, and drop her off in town.
She's totally cool. And a badass in her 83 year old body...that's giving up on her.
So in-case you read this and know Ethel, she's in Huntington Hospital. Her family is moving her up to Ithaca, to a rehab. But it's not good.
I'm going to say goodbye to her tomorrow am.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Niko Pix Surface!

So...Here's some photos from...... Niko's Opening...
THis show comes down this weekend...I for one am not over it yet.
Which is highly un-usual,since I'm usually over it once I hang it.
It may be because this show, I hung with Niko himself...Which Rarely happens.
I like to hang show's by myself. It's easier for me to work alone.
But this one Niko helped hang the "Rhino" and the Dragon Surfboard.

Oh so what's with the camera?

That's your loyal Rockstar Framer, fulfilling my Rockstar duties, signing a release form for my interview on that camera (photo credit...Karl the Brit)...seem Niko showed up with his own camera crew, and they interviewed me, and Mrs Niko...the Amazing Mistress V. Von Twistern.
And I don't know who else...

Photo shows Mzzz Von Twistern, in glorious pink, (my favorite color)...
with the Intriguing Maxine...our favorite lady...she'll be showing here in May...all BLACK...........Fabulous!
Another successful show of great, fun art!.....whew...........

Sunday, April 3, 2011


So, this is Trixie...the gallery dog...Miss Trixie Loo....the not-so mysterious voice from the backroom...my best friend.

Trix comes to work with me everyday, we're rarely out of each ear-shot. She has a seat belt in the car, and a bed in the backroom with her "Manager" sign on top. I think that she thinks she owns the place, and that I'm an employee. She doesn't really care for other dogs. She much prefers to hang out with kids, and select adults. If you meet her and she lets you touch her, she'll probably make a "Yip" and run away. She's very dramatic...You didn't hurt her, she's just very cautious about her ears, and being handled by first time visitors. I like the cautious nature of Trixie, she's a great manager, always letting me know when someone has arrived, or at the backdoor, and in a few cases, if you're a creep.

This photo by good friend, The Pet Photographer.

Baby Trixie...about 13 weeks old...7 pounds.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Surreal Surrealism

So...we've been living with the artwork of Edward Joseph for the past week and we're really enjoying it. Most of the time I'm "Over" a show by the time that the opening is over, but Edward's work is really enjoyable.

Edward was one of Elaine Benson's "discoveries"...she made him into a a landscape painter, but the combination of the landscapes with the surreal is, well...sublime.
My favorite piece is the "Baby Doll"...if I had a bigger house it would be mine. But since I could see it anywhere in my cottage from my bedroom, there's not a chance.

The added bonus is that Tall Edward is one of the easiest, most pleasant artists I've even had the pleasure of working with! So talented, and easy going, he even produce a series of prints of his digital collages exclusive to Ripe! Wait till you see our new and improved website...Edward will be majorly featured.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

True RockStars...

I mean, really... Joan, Deb, Joey...? Who was cooler as I grew up than the three above.
Very important to how I express myself fashion wise. True rockstar... I needed white keds with no laces because of Joey.

The inclusion of Husker Du to this important list is really based on Bob Mould and the songwriter/noisemaker he is. "Flip Your Wig", "Candy Apple Grey", and "Warehouse" were very important albums in the high school years. Now, Bob's solo work is very important to me. He can really say it the best...anything you'd ever have to say. The noise that comes from specifically "Last Dog & Pony Show" and his self title disk, ROCK my soul...

Ultimate RockStars!!!!
Bowie blew my mind...the way he looked, the way he sang, his words...*sigh*...
I Once couldn't listen to Bowie for a year or so because it reminded me of a boy...
But I got back together with David once I was over the boy.
He was Ziggy, and he's still so cool.

Iggy. Well.....HOT! is what i said/say. LOVE! And the way he writhes, that voice, and that hair...no shirt, he's SO cool...I'd so be Iggy's girl. Period.

Lou is a genius...gorgeous, troubled, mysterious...I love "Transformer" because you can hear Bowie all over it. Lou has never not rocked. And he hung out with Warhol...
The same boy that once spoiled Bowie, said to me, "I don't think I've ever listened to as much Lou Reed as I have with you!"....*sigh*...

That's a quick go-to list of music and musicians who influenced a lot of who I am.
Since I dare to use the term "rockstar", when referring to myself, I feel it is important to explain what "rockstar" means to me.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Visitors from...?

We had a fun weekend...lots of visitors. Quite a few people didn't get enough of the "Rose Colored" show.

I did...two weeks and I was surely over it. "...And don't call me Shirley"...

Of note were the amazing pair of......... Tilles Bob and Debby Doll.

This wonder pair stopped in to catch Ripe's vibe, dig our scene, and check us out.
They are also the founders and organizers of the Long Island Fringe Festival.
You had my Rockstar heart at "fringe"...

What is the Fringe Festival?
Well it's an arts festival, that started in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is an unjuried festival – so any type of event is possible. Showcasing many different styles of creative arts, it formed around a formal festival, "around the fringe", when uninvited acts showed up to take advantage of the crowds to show their more alternative theater.

Here, on the Eyeland, it's a three day festival...the Best Kept Secret on Long Island. Bob and Deb are.....--------> "Fringe Force 3"
The Only fringe held on Our Long Island, at CW Post, where the fringe elements come out and show, dance, play, and frolic. It's theatre, dance, art, words, film, music....wow!
It seems to me that it is a festival of letting your freak flag fly...

I love that...


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Paid Off

As we begin a day full of photography and framing...

The Shop is transformed into a large piece assembly line...
And all of this framing hilarity is for...

Your loyal Rockstar Framer had a HUGE bar bill to pay off over here at Oldfields...
Recently renovated and in the capable hands of Davey Gravey, the owner.

The Willing hands of Ripe Art helped David decorate this local watering hole with some fabulous framing around his cool, large reprints of old photos from the local historical assoc.

A view of the front dining room previous to our whirlwind of debt paying decorating...

A pause to think of the fun it was running up that enormous bar tab here in this nice restaurant...listening to rock n' roll music, never getting kicked out...*sigh*...

Finished front room- accomplished. Drinks- not on me this time.