Monday, October 8, 2012

Art Update

Well, since we've been gone for so long, here's what we were busy doing in the gallery.
We invited our "old" college buddy, Jon Dunitz, down from Maine with his show "Forgotten Transport". We LOVE shows that center around cars. Who doesn't like a car?!?
We also opened up our "Backdoor" Gallery to one of our favorite sicko artists, David Graham. His "Celebrity Deathmask" collection really strikes our sicko funnybone!
Then we introduced everyone to Mark Bobley. His marker on paper drawings of weird dreamlike scenes, usually involving robots, pimps, monsters, and shamanistic symbolism are like a hallucination mapped out.
October was an interesting month with Joe Giaquinto's visit. He brought his collection of "Spirit" photographs, and his clair-audient abilities to the gallery. It was kind of creepy...
Our Annual Valentine's Day show was a hit once again. The room was packed and we had work from about 50 artists. It was great to meet some new people!
We finally got to meet ZIG. He was awesome! Love his smart, witty work, and a super fun dance party broke out!
STANKO returned for an April Fool's Day show. Super amazing show! And for his April Fool's present from the Ripe Girls, we had a bagpiper and drummer come and play some ear-drum splitting tunes for him!
Luke DeLalio graced our walls with a border-line insane show of paintings, drawings and photography. A lot of lines were crossed, buttons pushed, and thoughts were provoked.
And last but not least, we had a visit from Doris Rowe. The Grand Dame of the local art scene brought us a new collection of "Retablos". What a fun show! So, there you have it. A quick rundown of this past year's events.

And...We're back!

Well, well, well....It's been a while! Lots of things have been going on with the Rockstar Framer. Lots of work, lots of art and new artists, a new gallery wall color, some really fab parties, broken hearts and broken art sales records, and the usual mix of fun and insanity. We also kicked down with some cash to re-do our website. Thus, the inspiration to return to our rockstar blog.