Monday, March 3, 2014

The "RIPE Circus"

We opened our Eighth Annual Valentine's Day group show on February 14, 2014, to a resounding response from our local artists and collectors! This year's theme "A RIPE Circus" was a really fun theme that excited both our contributing artists, and fans of RIPE Art Gallery.
This year's show drew in 87! pieces of work from 51 different artists. Of note, we had work from New Orleans artist Sherry Dooley, local fan favorites Kate Kelly, Holly Gordon, Doug Reina, William Brick Hawkins, STANKO, Luke DeLalio, David Graham, Linda Louis, Pheos, Sylvia Harnick, and Anu Annam. We even got work in the mail from Anthony Zummo (from Halifax, Nova Scotia)and Ralph Turturro (Cortland, NY).
We gave everyone a great show with clowns....
And a fabulous, sexy little Hoopdancer!
The press also gave us some great love! Newsday featured some of our RIPEanista's in their "What They're Wearing" Column.
The Long Islander featured a story about the show...."As Valentines Day approaches, it's time for you to decide whether you're more afraid of clowns or of being alone."
And a really nice article appeared in the Northport Daily News... Here's the Link... Thanks to All who made this such a success!!! We're having a Closing Reception this Saturday March 8th, 2014 from 5-7pm!