Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glitter makes everything better!

New shoes....unbelievable buy...equals= LOVE!
These shoes have been on display since they walked into my life Sunday morning...sigh!

That's right......I mean, isn't everything better in a glitter color?
These shoes are not made for walking, anywhere...but they are an amazing sight to behold.
Well, I guess I can walk in them for a short distance...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When a Plan comes together.

Meanwhile...back at The Shoeman's house....

Your favorite Rockstar "Paintergrrl" finally got to pimp out the Diningroom in this pad.

Here's what it looked like when we walked in.

Not good, right? The chandelier was verdigris green, and there was a dreadful wallpaper border (which should be illegal) around the room.

We decided that the room, right off the main foyer, needed some pattern to really rock.
A quick base coat of "Satchel", appropro for The Shoeman's crib.

Then your loyal Warrior Princess worked her magic. An all-over stencil pattern of "Iron Gate". Yes...it's true, that is all paint. (Even The Fabulous Wallpaper-Hanger was impressed...* More about him later...) Everyone was thrilled!

Wow! THat was FUN!!! Thanks to my little Paintergrrl who assisted...ayou know who you are! <3

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Houseboat Project.

Day One of Houseboat S.S. "Charisma"....nee. "Queen of Hearts" renovation.
This is the Houseboat bequeathed to me by The Pirate of Centerport. This fine vessel is hard aground...from the late 60's, and in dire need of a gentle, helpful Rockstar hand.
The Bridge, as it is today, May 1, 2011...

I quickly set up command central on the Fore Deck...handbag, Mother's old cushions, blackberry, and trusty iced tea.

I immediately made the Pirate move the creepy mannequin out of the head...

Then I attacked all the closetes and drawers, moved furniture, and tossed a lot of gross stuff...the view down into the livingroom...

Wondering about how this this 32' ship stays afloat? This is the "cradle of the sea" for my Miss Charisma....*jazzhands**

Wall colors have been chosen, windows have been measured...a meeting took place about how to proceed with certain repairs, and cleaning issues...Over all, a brilliant day!