Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Fallon X 2" Now Showing in the Gallery

("Pagliacci" Oil on canvas, by Jody Fallon, "Taming the Tempest" Photograph, by Cheryl Fallon) We are so pleased to welcome Jody and Cheryl Fallon this month to RIPE Art Gallery!! They are a husband and wife team from Central PA, and a whole hell of a lot of talent....
Known for his haunting figurative work and expressive landscapes, Jody Fallon is a self taught contemporary artist, proficient in oil, watercolor, pastel, pencil and most recently, sculpture. A native of central Pennsylvania, Jody grew up exploring the dark fields, hills and mountains near his childhood home. After joining the Marine Corp., he was introduced to painting by three artists who he had come to know and admire; Frank Frazetta, Paul Lehr and Ron Wing. Here's one of our favorite pieces....
"Entangled". By Jody Fallon.
Jody with Artist Stanko in front of "Echinacea" at the opening reception.
Cheryl Fallon is a photographic artist based in central Pennsylvania creating self­portraiture and dreamscapes. Her most recent images, inspired by the genres of fantasy and surrealism, are created as composites of several photographs allowing her the ability to create the slightly unreal scenes. Cheryl’s work has been described as dreamlike with a feeling of timelessness, just a touch of darkness and a dash of whimsy. Her work centers on creating story­like images based on the themes of our common stories of struggle, loneliness, heartache, desire, passion, grief and fear.
One of my favorites by Cheryl...."Just Might Soar".
"The Survivor", Cheryl Fallon.
Cheryl sitting in our new gallery space at Rexer's Crossroads Farm, 1028 Park Avenue, Huntington. This is a wonderful show by two people I'm proud to call my friends. Showing through November 16, 2013. But stay tuned, there just might be a Closing Reception on Nov. 16th....