Friday, August 2, 2013

RIPE's Big Move!!

I know!!! How exciting!!!! We've been here at 67a Broadway, in Greenlawn for 7! Years!! And you haven't gotten rid of us yet! So we're moving the frameshop into this adorable little building on the side of the road in Huntington. Well, 1028 Park Avenue to be exact....
We've got a new "partner" who is helping us make this all happen....We'll just call him The Pimp. So we kinda get free run on the rest of the property around the building. So we've renovated our little cottage, (which has notorious roots as a chicken slaughter house), on Rexer's Crossroads Farm. Our frame shop is gonna be much more open, same great selection, same great, workwomanship, with our usual fun shopping opportunities in the front room of the shop. Then right next door...
The Pimp is building us a HUGE new gallery space! The picture is showing you where we are right now with construction of the barn. I told him that all I need is sheetrock and I can start showing art in this barn. But we're gonna get paint, and a cool floor, and a lot more than that!! So, keep posted. We're moving outta here (67a) tomorrow! We'll be open on August 6th!

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