Monday, February 11, 2013

The Long Awaited Houseboat Update

The Sweet SS Charisma. The First thing that we did, and I'll add, it was quite awhile ago... Was deal with the back wall. This is what it looked like.
And a view of the back deck before.
So my band of pirates ripped out the rotten back wall, the windows, and ripped off the top of the back deck. Here's what we ended up with.
We had to put planks on the bottom of the deck for now. But we got a cool cockpit out back now. Of course all this work opened up a few cans of worms. The next issue was the galley. Here's a picture of the nice little kitchen as it was...before.....sigh.......
The whole wall behind it was rotting so.....
And!....After......Much better, right?.... But it had to happen. We saved all the original fronts, and doors of the cabinets. We kept the stove, the sink, and the countertop, for now. . She needs some re-fiberglassing to stop leaks, and, well,....a lot of love and care.
Here's a final shot for those out there who doubt Charisma's float-ability. During the 2011 Hurricane, she floated at high tide!...

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