Sunday, April 3, 2011


So, this is Trixie...the gallery dog...Miss Trixie Loo....the not-so mysterious voice from the best friend.

Trix comes to work with me everyday, we're rarely out of each ear-shot. She has a seat belt in the car, and a bed in the backroom with her "Manager" sign on top. I think that she thinks she owns the place, and that I'm an employee. She doesn't really care for other dogs. She much prefers to hang out with kids, and select adults. If you meet her and she lets you touch her, she'll probably make a "Yip" and run away. She's very dramatic...You didn't hurt her, she's just very cautious about her ears, and being handled by first time visitors. I like the cautious nature of Trixie, she's a great manager, always letting me know when someone has arrived, or at the backdoor, and in a few cases, if you're a creep.

This photo by good friend, The Pet Photographer.

Baby Trixie...about 13 weeks old...7 pounds.

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