Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lillian Dodson...kind of a big deal around here.

Your Humble Rockstar Framer is truly honored that Lil would even consider showing in my little gallery...truly. But she didn't even have to consider when I got the courage to bring a show, here at Ripe, up to her. Lil is amazing...aka. Dame Billian. I won't disclose her true age here, but this sister is rockin' it! Lil is the real deal...she's a well-respected artist from right here in Huntington. Married to Stanley Twardowicz...collected by museums...faculty at Hofstra U...kind of a big deal!

This piece, "StickUp" is dated 1970. It looks amazing here...

And this piece, "January", is from 1/2011. Loose and free...very moody...feels like this January to me.

Lil's friends braved a rainy day to come hang out here at Ripe...chairs and all...
That's Mary the Painter,...very well known in this area...and Linda the Potter...from Huntington.

And here are Jeanne the Art League, (big deal...) and Norm the Jeweler, and his sweet Swedish wife. These people are all important in the art education scene here on LI.

So lucky to have a "Grande Dame" like Lil in my life, who brings amazing insight, humor, and understanding to this thing we can "The Art World".

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  1. Love that top image!! Hope to get there before it closes!!