Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ethel Camhi- Brown

Ethel Camhi-Brown...

is my friend. She's 83 this year. And she's hilarious.
But she had a stroke this past weekend, and is in the hospital.
Her son called me to let me know...apparently I'm on the list...
He said she loves me. Which caught me up. Because I love Ethel too.
She's one of the oldest friends I've ever had. I literally do anything for Ethel.
I come to her house to pick up and deliver framing, and drop her off in town.
She's totally cool. And a badass in her 83 year old body...that's giving up on her.
So in-case you read this and know Ethel, she's in Huntington Hospital. Her family is moving her up to Ithaca, to a rehab. But it's not good.
I'm going to say goodbye to her tomorrow am.


  1. Very sorry to hear about Ethel -
    She is a dear lady and a fine,
    sophisticated artist.

  2. Ethel was a colleague and amazing, funny, energetic, intelligent, interesting woman - for her whole life. It's so sad to see a light get extinguished in such a robbing of the personality and life. I wonder if God/nature could have thought of another way - a chosen day, a big party and rising up into the heavens.
    Now some of her art is up for sale in Long Island, and I won't be able to get to see it. But for those who can, maybe this is her way and nature's gift to send her off in this way.