Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Surreal Surrealism

So...we've been living with the artwork of Edward Joseph for the past week and we're really enjoying it. Most of the time I'm "Over" a show by the time that the opening is over, but Edward's work is really enjoyable.

Edward was one of Elaine Benson's "discoveries"...she made him into a a landscape painter, but the combination of the landscapes with the surreal is, well...sublime.
My favorite piece is the "Baby Doll"...if I had a bigger house it would be mine. But since I could see it anywhere in my cottage from my bedroom, there's not a chance.

The added bonus is that Tall Edward is one of the easiest, most pleasant artists I've even had the pleasure of working with! So talented, and easy going, he even produce a series of prints of his digital collages exclusive to Ripe! Wait till you see our new and improved website...Edward will be majorly featured.

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