Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Visitors from...?

We had a fun weekend...lots of visitors. Quite a few people didn't get enough of the "Rose Colored" show.

I did...two weeks and I was surely over it. "...And don't call me Shirley"...

Of note were the amazing pair of......... Tilles Bob and Debby Doll.

This wonder pair stopped in to catch Ripe's vibe, dig our scene, and check us out.
They are also the founders and organizers of the Long Island Fringe Festival.
You had my Rockstar heart at "fringe"...

What is the Fringe Festival?
Well it's an arts festival, that started in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is an unjuried festival – so any type of event is possible. Showcasing many different styles of creative arts, it formed around a formal festival, "around the fringe", when uninvited acts showed up to take advantage of the crowds to show their more alternative theater.

Here, on the Eyeland, it's a three day festival...the Best Kept Secret on Long Island. Bob and Deb are.....--------> "Fringe Force 3"
The Only fringe held on Our Long Island, at CW Post, where the fringe elements come out and show, dance, play, and frolic. It's theatre, dance, art, words, film, music....wow!
It seems to me that it is a festival of letting your freak flag fly...

I love that...


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