Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Rose Colored Glasses are OFF.

Well...just overwhelmed by last night's Valentine's Day party...great people, great art, love, and tunes from DJ Lombardo...**sigh** Very tired as well. Pixs will surface soon...

This is my piece for the show...another of my mirror pieces. Extremely personal, as usual. But it's also really about the amazing group of ran-over (run-over) glasses. Sunglasses, as well a regular. Amazement was over the thermostat in particular. The paddle ball game was in my xmas stocking.

I particularly mourn the baby blue cat-eyed glasses broken into 4 parts. And the big "airport" glasses I personally broke on an airplane trip. Above, is a security tag that I have no idea where it was procured from. The background color is "Cool Lava". The frame was left to me by a dear friend, she would think this piece was awesome.

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