Monday, February 7, 2011

Putting it Back Together...

Welll....things are looking much better here at Ripe Art!
I've been able to put back together the boutique..hang artwork...and take a breather...
I didn't think
that it would take so long!

My mind feels better...clearer...
And I know
that there are
people, fans, and beloved clients out there that love me, and all that Ripe Art is...
I've been told that my space is an OASIS!

We're back up to full production, and gladly accepting pieces for our
FAMOUS Annual Valentine's Day Show!
My FIRST phone interview happened tonight! for an article about the Rockstar Framer and Ripe Art on SPOT On Long Island. Should be out on Wednesday!!!!
Exciting things are happening!!!!!....
The Rose Colored Glasses may be OFF...but I still see LOVE, A FUTURE, and Success.
Thankful for all of it!!! xoxoxo

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