Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gallery Transformation

Re-doing the gallery...Here's a sneak peak of what is going on...
The BEFORE shot.

DURING...I know it looks ugly right now...

Trixie was not amused...

The Door Hardware totally shit the bed today...Broke my Elvis key in the lock. So... Here's the new lock and door handle.
Installed by your favorite Warrior Princess...*WHEW*
Much better...Whitebread helped pick it out.

These are my painting pants...
I used to look like this, like a painter girl all the time...
Some guys actually dig this look...*Wink Wink***

Here's what it looks like as I left tonight...It's getting there!!!!
That's a shiney green wall!

This "Facelift" is a transformational journey for your loyal Rockstar Framer...It's a new year, new phase, new color scheme, new look. We're going Lemon-Lime. It's way more RIPE. A new website is in the works as well...Steps One and Two in place for World Domination.

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